Airline Poll: Would You Like a Drink?

I’m on the road today, so here’s a poll for you, in honor of the question I will probably be getting asked right around when this posts:

Please be sure that your comments are stowed beneath the seat in front of you, or in the overhead compartment. Thank you for flying Uncertain Principles.

23 Replies to “Airline Poll: Would You Like a Drink?”

  1. Well I’m in my lab now, waiting for my apparatus to cool down, and so Tea is my beverage of choice, as it’s much easier to make a passable cup of tea than a passable cup of coffee.

    On a morning flight, I’d like coffee. Afternoon or evening, sparkling water–bonus if they can throw a small chunk of lemon or lime in.

  2. If you just ask for a Coke they will give you a disgusting solution of corn syrup and water. I won’t touch the stuff.

    Your list needs to include *Diet* Coke/Pepsi, for those of us who like our water flavored with a pinch of Nutrasweet.

  3. Tom, I have wondered about that tomato juice thing. The only place I’ve ever seen anybody drink tomato juice is on airplanes.

  4. Tonic water.

    If they don’t have that, club soda or ginger ale or plain ice water will do.

    As noted @4, drinking any beverage that increases your rate of dehydration (coke, pepsi, coffee, tea, beer, whiskey) beyond what results from being in desert dry air will produce jet lag symptoms unless you also drink additional water.

  5. I want my liter of water they made me throw away after I made it through security, stopped at the machine on the councourse WITHIN SIGHT OF THE STEWARDESS AT THE GATE to buy right before they made me throw it away before they’d let me on the plane!

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