Sports Science Poll: Super Bowl

We’re mere hours away from the start of the Super Bowl, the biggest football game of the year. Obviously, the question of who will win has been the subject of much debate over the last couple of weeks on sports media and in offices around the country. What these discussions have lacked, though, is Science!!! (with any number of exclamation points).

So, let’s employ science to determine the winner in advance, with a totally accurate Internet poll:

The game kicks off around 6:30pm ET, so make sure you vote before then, if you want your vote to have predictive power.

6 thoughts on “Sports Science Poll: Super Bowl

  1. I picked the Colts. Peyton Manning is the current best active athlete in the World, and will remain so until Tiger Woods gets out of Sex Rehab. Also, Indy’s Head Coach Jim Caldwell is excellent at halftime adjustments. New Orleans has the top offense in the league, but the Colts’ D is excellent as well. For the Saints, the big thing was just making this game. I will certainly be rooting for the Colts, because I can’t stand that “Who Dat?” expression, and the best way to shut that up is a Colts victory. 🙂

    The game should be close in any event, which means Quantum probabilities will probably come into play, eh Chad? At least Nonlinear dynamics (Chaos) in the form of wind, or an oblong football (which is not Euclidean like a sphere). You see? We can segue Physics into anything. 🙂

    Who will Emily be rooting for?

  2. Emmy’s going to be rooting for me or Kate to drop one of the cheesesteaks I’ll be making for dinner. She doesn’t really care about football other than that.

  3. OK, Federer, fine, especially now after Peyton threw that interception returned for 6. Probably some European or Asian or African or So American footballer. Maybe Drew Brees.

  4. people like you make me sick to my stomach with your want be genius a$$,the best team won WHO DAT.WHO DAT.OH,for your QUANTUM theory i hope your not teaching that bull to some young kid ,plus it was a (dynamic)int. to seal (the best athlete)faith sunday nite .know go and play a mind game with people who not your equal:¬). ONE thing next year exspect us back again superbowl 45.who out there can match us point for point?:¬)(MANNING)ha.C’MON Man.

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