Many Worlds, Many Treats: The Movie

Another dramatic reading of a chapter from How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, just because. This is Chapter 4, which is based on the original Many Worlds, Many Treats post that kick-started the whole thing:

I’m sitting at the computer typing, when Emmy bumps up against my legs. I look down, and she’s sniffing the floor around my feet intently.

“What are you doing down there?”

“I’m looking for steak!” she says, wagging her tail hopefully.

“I’m pretty certain that there’s no steak down there,” I say. “I’ve never eaten steak at the computer, and I’ve certainly never dropped any on the floor.”

“You did in some universe,” she says, still sniffing.

If this is new to you, and you like that, well, there’s a whole book’s worth, along with (relatively) straight explanations of the physics involved. Available, as they say, wherever books are sold.

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  1. So I just bought what appeared to be the last copy of the book at the Yale Barnes and Noble yesterday. Don’t know how many they started with though.

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