Congratulations to Frederick Franke and James Morton

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m on the local committee that selects nominees for the Watson Fellowship, which is one of the best committees to be on, because you get to interact with some of our best students doing things that they really love. This year, we’re thrilled to have two of our nominees selected as members of the 2010-2011 awardees:

Frederick Franke, Union College
Out of the Kitchen and Into the Fire: Exploring Open-Fire Cooking Methods
South Africa, New Zealand, India, Jamaica, Turkey
People don’t generally like to eat alone; food is a necessity, but it also serves to bring us together, reinforcing and creating social bonds. As a result, food, and even cooking methods reflect cultural identity. I intend to explore the open fire cooking methods–hangi, tandoor, braai, doner kebap, and jerk–in their corresponding countries, finding out how each method draws people together. I will examine more than just the method of cooking, but also the markets, butchers, fishmongers, and farms, to immerse myself in the global society of food.

James Morton, Union College
Large Format Cargo: Photographing the Shipping Industry
South Korea, Australia, India, Singapore, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
The maritime shipping industry transporting the majority of global trade is essential to our modern economy. Despite being vital to the consumer style in which so many of us live, the industry is rarely given a second thought. My project combines my passions for photography and the sea. I will photograph and explore, using large format color film, the modern merchant trade. I will look at the life cycle of merchant ships from construction, to active use, and to scrapping. I will also explore working ports around the world as well as the surrounding industrial areas.

Congratulations to Radhe and James. They’re great projects, and I’m sure they’ll be fantastic experiences.