It’s in the DNA

SteelyKid was playing with something on the floor behind my chair, so I started reading my newsfeeds. Kate was on the other side of the office, engrossed in her own computer-related program activities. After a moment or two, SteelyKid got up, and ran into the living room. Kate and I both finished what we were reading, then noticed a disturbing lack of baby noise.

“Where did she go?” Kate asked.

“I dunno,” I replied, and we both got up from our computers and headed out of the office in opposite directions. We met in the kitchen, with no SteelyKid. Kate said, “Seriously, did she go upstairs?” and we headed back into the living room, to see if SteelyKid had somehow managed to go upstairs silently.

And this is what we found:


She was so quiet, I walked right past her when I went through the living room. I’m not sure Jeremiah Healy is really the best choice of reading material for a toddler, but we’re absolutely 100% positive she’s ours (not that we really thought she’d been switched in the hospital, or anything).

8 thoughts on “It’s in the DNA

  1. I have a picture like that of my two-year-old nephew flopped down on a couch with the newspaper. He really looks like he’s trying to read it. (Thirty years later he can, but newspapers no longer interest him.)

  2. I can see the UPC symbol on the back cover, so she even got the orientation right.

    Today the bookshelf, tomorrow the world!

  3. I emailed a copy of this post to my daughter, who recalls a certain degree of glee when she realized that a really quiet child could cause as much parental worry as a really noisy one. When she got serious about reading, that sort of trailed off.

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