Irritating Poll: Stuck at Work

Today is Memorial Day in the US, which is a holiday to honor the dead of our various wars. It’s also the traditional start of summer-type activities, and most people spend it at cookouts and parades and that sort of thing. I say “most people,” because our trimester calendar means that we’re still in session, […]

Links for 2010-05-31

slacktivist: Sex & Money, part 1 “For Nehemiah, charging 1 percent was shameful usury. The low-interest loans I was championing through our alternative investing still charged more than that. And the Gospels weren’t any help at all. Jesus did not merely reinforce the prohibition against usury, he reached past it — forbidding lending with the […]

Bird Blogging

Looking for something else, I was reminded of some pictures I took a week or two ago. This one came out pretty well: This also reminds me that it’s a really nice day here in Niskayuna, and I shouldn’t be spending it all at the computer. So, enjoy the bird picture, and I’ll post something […]

Anatomy of a Conference: DAMOP Day 1

The conference I’m at this week is the annual meeting of the Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics of the American Physical Society (which this year is joint with the Canadian version, the Division of Atomic and Molecular Physics and Photon Interactions, or “DAMPΦ.” The Greek letter is a recent addition– as recently as […]

Links for 2010-05-26

Student Tip: Asking for a better grade : Dot Physics “If you are a student and you want a higher grade, you need to come in and show me that you understand the material at a level that was different than you showed on the exam. Most students don’t come in with this attitude.” (tags: […]