Ancient Aliens: Performance Art or Government Disinformation?

One of my many character weaknesses is a fondness for the kooky UFO programs run on the History Channel and other educational cable networks. The nuttier the better– there’s something about the credulity and self-delusion displayed by the “researchers” they trot out that I find really hilarious.

I have to say, though, that they’ve outdone themselves with this new Ancient Aliens series. To the point where it almost has to be a put-on– last week, they had a pudgy guy with wild eyes stating that stone obelisks around the world were really receivers in a global energy distribution network based on one of Nikola Tesla’s less lucid moments; this week, the same guy explained that the Moon is hollow, with bottomless craters that provide an entry to the interior, and that this proves that it’s really an alien spaceship that’s been orbiting the Earth for billions of years, housing the aliens who directed our evolution. They’re even shooting their interviews in a way that makes the “researchers” look more unkempt and deranged than they have in other shows– one guy looks like he was driven to the interview in a convertible, or possibly launched across town with a trebuchet, then parked in front of a camera to babble incoherently.

I can’t quite decide how to interpret this, though. It could be a brilliant bit of performance art, with a bunch of actors competing to see just how ridiculous they can sound without cracking up on camera (in which case, I look forward to the outtakes on the DVD release). Or, it could be a brilliant piece of disinformation spread by the alien conspiracy, put out there to completely discredit anything having to do with space aliens (well, even more completely discredit it), to prevent serious scientists from getting close to the truth.

In fact, since I can’t decide, we’ll have to settle this scientifically:

Well, it’s at least as scientific as anything you’ll see on “Ancient Aliens”…

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  1. This…THIS is why I cancelled cable TV years ago. I get enough of the kookie on teh intarwebz

    well, this AND the stupid, repetitive commercials. No wait, that’s news programming, isn’t it?

  2. I stopped subscribing to a certain ‘science’ magazine back in the 90’s because of UFO articles. (Hint: several former SciBloggers went over there.)

    Between the UFO’s and the telepathic dogs, I just couldn’t take their little mag seriously anymore….

  3. I know there are Hollow Earth wackos out there, at least some of whom claim (or used to claim, dunno if anyone still claims this now) that there’s a hole at North Pole which is where Flying Saucers come from and go to. Apparently, there’s a base or advanced civilisation or something inside the Earth.

    But I can’t say I recall ever hearing of a Hollow Moon before. Apparently such nutters exist. A few minutes with Generalissimo Google™ found a number of apparently serious sites / discussions. As one example (from what I think is a Hollow Earth site) is Hollow Moon? It concludes:

    Once again, the “establishment” scientists are trying to “fit” the facts to their “sacred cow” theory. In no way will they “buck” the system and admit the obvious. The facts, once again, support the theory laid out by Gardner and Reed all heavenly bodies are hollow.

  4. I wasn’t sure it was possible for the History Channel to take a definitive step downward from being “The Hitler Channel,” but, wow, they’ve managed it.

    (Hint: When they say “the remedy to free speech is more speech,” they mean cogent opposing views, not giving Erich von Danniken a bigger pulpit to preach from.)

  5. I too have always had a weakness for the kooky stuff–the weirder the better. I’m sorry I missed this, it sounds pretty far out. The problem with most of those shows is that they tend to go over the same thin material over and over again–I guess there aren’t enough “good” UFO stories to go around.

  6. Sounds like that dude took the “Dick Tracy” cartoon strip too seriously. It had a story line in the 60s that featured Moon Maid, who lived in a valley (near the Moon’s south pole?) where there was water and some atmosphere. Doesn’t take much of a stretch to make it hollow.

    I’ve only seen one those programs, one where some guy claims some rock just had to be an ancient sculpture. They spent 90% of the program on the drama of the Dangerous Trip to this Mysterious Island. When they got there, the only question was who was more gullible, the “scientist” or the “reporter” who carried on with a straight face.

  7. Von Däniken should have had his “ancient aliens” idea protected by copyright, it would have made him even more rich on the new generations of gullible people.

  8. Sounds like that dude took the “Dick Tracy” cartoon strip too seriously. It had a story line in the 60s that featured Moon Maid, who lived in a valley (near the Moon’s south pole?) where there was water and some atmosphere. Doesn’t take much of a stretch to make it hollow.

    Or maybe Marvel Comics, where the the moon’s habitable “Blue Area” played a recurring role as host to aliens both friendly and unfriendly.

  9. The truth is in solid evidence, carved in stone, painted on walls, written in ancient texts.
    For whatever that is worth.
    Interpretation of these truths appears to support many possibilities.
    I expect Chad may live to eat one or two words.
    As will many others.
    Others who expect with certainty that they are alone in the universe, and others who think we get regular alien visits at the Whitehouse.
    We are best not to close our ranks, and make up our minds quite yet.
    Stay open for the rest of the story, or eat crow with Chad,..Your choice.

  10. at this very second i have a guy on the shortwave radio who can’t understand how ice could form in the dome over the oil leak in the’s the Gulf,it’s for the lowbrows the UFO programs are real science.also think about all the Ph.D’s who can’t get funding for real science watching the History Channel and going slowly nuts because these guys take home some big bucks selling these shows.

  11. That episode was sheer total genuis lunacy. Hollow moon, lasers to cut stone, genetic engineering by way of cattle mutilations, it had everything, totally whacked pscho craziness and then to top it all off the aliens explain it all to us via crop circles. I found myself saying aloud watching it ‘you can’t make stuff like this up’ and then i thought ‘they did, but not on purpose’ total whacking delusional barking mad craziness. the tubby guy is my favorite, he has a little engineering backgound and that makes it all the more fun, head out the window while driving guy is just too far out there especially when the crystal skulls started talking. woo-hoo!

  12. Why is anyone surprised at this lunacy? (Pun intended) 80% of Americans believe the Virgin Birth – now it’s the Alien Virgin Birth. It’s supernatural science in America!

  13. This sounds even better than those Time/Life books on ancient mysteries and space my parents wouldn’t buy me in the 1980s!

    So is it all the energy being funelled into the Washington Monument that prevents anyone from getting decent tv reception in this city?

  14. Missed the big show, and it sounds crazy! But then again, so are the “scientists” who believe something must be false or delusional, merely because they have not been able to dissect the phenomenon in a lab, or reproduce events that are obviously beyond their own control or current level of evolution in scientific understanding.

    Notwithstanding bad hair days for talking heads rambling about hollow Earth, Moon, etc., there is clearly thousands and thousands of very credible events and witnesses that can only be explained one way….they came from somewhere else.

    “Scientists” once thought riding in a train in excess of 60 mph would result in the rather gruesome deaths of the occupants. which leads me to conclude that, as a group, scientists are lemmings who toe the party line, don’t risk their “funding” and otherwise fail to use the process of elimination as a method to consider and analyze all possibilities. I mean, you guys can’t even agree if Pluto is a planet, and didn’t even know it existed until the 30’s. Simply put, truth is not determined by consensus of Ph.D’s….it is determined by what is real, even if that is not understood or embraced by academia. Even if egos pumped up by a $150,000 education say “trust me” or “don’t trust them”.

    And don’t forget the lesson of the platypus: Before western science was able to dissect it, any reports and descriptions of same would have been laughed off by the egg-head club.

    But, don’t let this stop you from ridiculing any and all phenomenon that fits the UFO profile. To you fellas, a lengthy close up sighting by an airline or military pilot is = a liquored-up Billy-Bob claiming he was anally probed while selling his story to the Enquirer for $50. Now THAT is critical thinking fellas! Keep it up :>)

  15. I was going to comment on this abortion of a TV show but I realized I couldn’t top the line than Chad wrote…
    “one guy looks like he was driven to the interview in a convertible, or
    possibly launched across town with a trebuchet, then parked in front of a
    camera to babble incoherently”…
    priceless, just priceless.

  16. How can anyone vote in these polls without picking the funniest answer (that would be 4, but 2 is pretty good too)?

  17. Although there may be unidentified objects flying around out there somewhere, the guys on these shows do not seem credible and take the subject out of the realm of serious investigation and place it in a position of ridicule. They approach the topic with no scientific objectivity. They take a subject like the absurd Roswell situation and immediately assume something came from outer space, without any evidence whatsoever. Errors like this are why people laugh at the show. It may have been approached in a better way, but it’s too late now!

  18. If there is one aspect of humanity that is constant – its that humans stay in denial until something monumental has already taken place. Then they pray, they wail, they condemn, they ridicule, they turn violent, they despair, anything but look at something head on and deal with it, until its too late. The species ability to live in complete denial is mind boggling to any Advanced Race. Its the prime reason humans are destined to oblivion. The can not adapt. Most are incapable of having any original thought or action without their church, their boss, their government saying its ok.
    Advanced Races are real and have little to do with TV shows. They are not funny and would turn humanity upside down – by potentially empowering the little guy to think for himself. What a concept.

  19. It’s all true, and in a mount or so you’ll all be seeing Niburu, and then you’ll believe !

  20. *Gosh* I don’t know how long a ‘mount’ lasts (ahem), but I know that I am anxiously awaiting whatever it is that I’ll see and then believe!

  21. I have seen many alleged photos from an alleged Hubble telescope. Now, until someone puts this alleged Hubble telescope in front of me so I can handle & examine it thoroughly, all I can conclusively say is that anyone with a good airbrush & a little talent can easily fake these alleged photos. So if the astronomers out there could take a moment away from explaining to people that the 1500 foot boomerang that flew over their whole neighborhood was Venus dropping flares, perhaps they could investigate this mysterious Hubble telescope thing. Just remember eggheads: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

  22. I don’t get why people are hating on this series. Sure, some of it’s just plain craziness, but a lot of the series is just expounding on theories that have been around for years. There are certain things about the antiquity of our planet and cultures that we still have no explanation for, and I think it’s great that the History Channel actually deigned to air this, as a lot of it is controversial in nature. I give the series a big A+

  23. I don’t get why people are hating on this series. Sure, some of it’s just plain craziness, but a lot of the series is just expounding on theories that have been around for years. There are certain things about the antiquity of our planet and cultures that we still have no explanation for, and I think it’s great that the History Channel actually deigned to air this, as a lot of it is controversial in nature. I give the series a big A+. When almost every culture has religious creation myths about beings descending from the sky, is it so hard to make the jump from Gods to Aliens?

  24. Chad Orzel,

    To say that Tesla had a lower than lucid moment is like saying the sun has less than lucid moments on cloudy days – it doesn’t, but our perception of it seems that way. Obviously, you’re asserting yourself as the expert now, under the guise of a shoddy, low level copywriter. You’ve duped us all.

    Next time do a little research into Nikola Tesla, and you’ll see just how lucid he was. As a society, our science hasn’t even come close to catching up with his inventions. We’re still in the stone age, as we can not yet understand (on a wide scale) how to send electricity through the earth, when it is fairly simple, at least conceptually. Instead of 90% radio waves emitting from an antenna circuit (tuned, and in resonance, of course) and 10% ground currents (when the A/C source switches polarity), you modify a normal radio tower to hold in charge at the top, achieving 90% ground electric currents and losing only 10% radiation as radio waves.

    After all, Tesla repeated Hertz’s experiments with vastly superior equipment and disproved Hertz’s work. That means Maxwell was way off. That means our electrodynamics today is a relic, old and bad science, the fodder of haphazard tinkering.

    We should have listened to that man.

  25. Wow, you brought the crazies out of the woodwork

    These crazies are serious.
    This is meta-humour.

    Unfortunately, I’m beginning to lead toward the first option. 🙂

  26. While I will agree that much of the show content is half a sandwich short of a lunch, some of the content is worth considering.But let’s remember, it is a show, and that means it has to be “entertaining”.

  27. The show is mostly gut-wrenchingly embarrassing (and for some reason this makes it kinda fun). However, there were one or two things that surprised me. For example, not being a materials engineer, I was quite impressed by the claims that ancient civilizations couldn’t have cut granite with the precision that they apparently did.

    Which leads me to my point: shouldn’t there be someone out there chronicling the bad science in the show, and presenting the counterarguments? I mean, if I found *some* of the show plausible, then there must be a whole lot of people out there who find *most* of it utterly convincing. I can tell them why the ancient airplane theory won’t… um… fly, but I can’t be an expert in every field they stick their grubby paws into.

    So who’s game?

  28. Embarrassed that im part of such a closed-minded, ignorant, society that still has learned nothing from it’s own history…That cares more about a person’s appearence than the information they present, Einstein was a little “kookie” looking too from what i remember and “modern science” is still catching up to some of his theories…All im saying is we should be looking at our history a lot more closely than we currently are because, if you read the book instead of just critisizing the cover there is really a lot of credible information we should be taking seriously and further researching.
    If we don’t start opening up our world view more and stop being so arrogant we’re probably going to regret it…

  29. Well, I just started watching this series (on catch up). Some of the claims in the first episode seemed to be quite intriguing but the bad science is so distracting and the conclusions have SO many holes in them that I can’t actually give it any credence. Not to mention phrases like “Some scientists” (who?) believe XYZ (why?) and if accept that, we can conclude ABC (WTF happened to DEF, GHI and JKL?).

    As with a poster above, I was impressed by the manufacturing/crafting skills used to shape marble and harder substances with fantastic tolerances.

    I also can’t watch the guy with the “windswept” hair without laughing which doesn’t help

  30. dude, this is some funny stuff. i always watch ancient aliens to get my weekly dose of bozo-ness and bozonomics. it’s fantastic, at first i’m all making fun of these monkeys that are rattling their own bars, and flinging their intellectual poo all around, but by the end i’m just saying to myself… sure. whatever. aliens did it all, can i go now? please? i’ve got other things to do…and aliens don’t seem to want to help.

  31. How many times have scientists ridiculed some idea or possibility only to be proven wrong later? As scientists, or at least as fans of it, and especially in the case of archeology, shouldn’t you be open to any possibility and explanation since you have no concrete way to prove that your idea is correct and another is wrong?

    What if the commonly accepted idea was that aliens had visited earth and a small group of archeologists argued against that idea and for the idea that man had created all these things on his own?

    Throughout history there have been “coocoo” scientists and “wacky” theories that were at first dismissed and later accepted. Seems arrogant and foolish to do the same.

  32. Well, I decided to write a bit more and say this article you’ve written is a pretty poor argument against this series. Your blog is about science and physics and your argument against this series is that a pudgy guy with wild eyes is a commenter? If a pudgy guy with wild eyes supported your theories would you be more accepting?

    This series is definitely pushing very extreme theories and ideas, but why not? Why is this crazy?

    I found the ideas and theories interesting. Yes, there are points and ideas that are really stretched to make work. One of them is taking the Bible and pulling examples as proof of aliens. Just as I tell Christians who take their Bible as absolute truth – the Bible was passed down by word of mouth for years before anything was actually written down.

    By the way, one of the archeologists providing counter points had a shaved down mohawk, I think you forgot to discredit his professional opinion based on his looks.

    Are you a “serious” scientist Chad? Is this your scientific rebuttal of an idea that you don’t think should be considered? Are you perhaps spreading misinformation by attacking the look of the people interviewed and putting researchers in quotes?

  33. Thanks Aaren,

    you have politely summed up my thought on all the rantings here, with the exception that i would not have been so polite about it.

    ridicule by appearance; well done there you must have real scientific skills to distinguish someones credibility solely based on that alone(I wonder what you think of Einstein…….), i hope you get a job somewhere important. you idiotic sub par excuse for a human.

    ridicule by content; oh yes the world is flat don’t let anyone else tell you that!Ok maybe let religion tell you that, oh wait red heads are witches and if you tell me the earth is not the center of the universe you must burn also(join the church clowns). you bunch of jokers talk the talk but stuck here with petty shallow closed minds feeling all knowing, protected and safe. I thank someone we don’t have you in any scientific body/system/authority resembling the Churches. I hope that the Brookings report is correct and the likes of you go nuts and hopefully do us a favor and take yourselves out in the terrible confusion your little mind will obviously not be capable of comprehending.

    I am a believer;

    believe so that you may understand;
    don’t try to understand so that you may believe.

    take a guess who’s quote that is.. freakin clown.

    in case I am being misunderstood, just so you understand, I am writing this to be nice, if i wasn’t nice i wouldn’t try to open your eyes, the window to the mind, let me know if the mind doesn’t want to see.


  34. First, I love that people bust on this guy’s hair but Einstein looked normal to them.

    Second, how is it easier for people to believe in a ghost-like omnipotent invisible being with fairy like angels working for “him” who lives and presides over an invisible nirvana somewhere “above” us that we all go to live in when we die magically created us all in “his” image in 7 days, but the simple, conceptually feasible idea of actual physical beings having come to earth and colonized it is “craziness”.

    I can see the rudimentary advances we have made in genetic engineering, space travel,coupled with our abuse of natural resources and visions of finding locations on the moon and mars for sustainable settlement and extrapolate that a civilization on a similar planet and similar timeline a few thousand years ahead of us could have found the earth and accomplished the same thing a lot easier than I can envision “the hand of God” magically manipulating events here on earth.

  35. wow busting on Tesla takes some balls. kinda reminds me of the guy with the “creation museum” he has some balls too. it doesn’t make him right though.

  36. Hey, I just caught the show today (the “advantage” of living in Latin America, where we get cable shows with a 3-month delay), and I gotta say your comment about the pseudo-scientist’s jairdo is hilarious! If not for the lack of burn matks on his face and clothes, I would’ve suspected he had just plugged his fingers into a light socket (which could explain why he was not making any sense).
    I think the big issue here is that we – the human race – have a tendency to confuse possibility with fact.
    On the one hand, alien theorists see the hand of other-worldly beings in everything around them. If we don’t know where it came from or how it happened, it must have been brought here by aliens.
    Others see images of religous icons in everything from cloud formations to wooden doors to slices of bread.
    Mainstream scientists are also human, and as such suffer the same ailment. Today, for example, we “know” that traveling at the speed or light or faster is absolutely impossible; as you go back in time, we used to “know” that the pressure exerted on a body as it approached Mach 1 would rise without limit; we “knew” vessels heavier than air could not take flight; we “knew” the earth was the center of the universe; we “knew” the earth was flat; and in all these cases, to refute it was heressy.
    Just today, scientists have come to the conclusion that the reason that they have never found juvenile fossils of torosaurus, or older fossils of triceratops, is that they are in fact the same species.
    We all make assumptions, and our egos make us believe that our opinion is the absolute truth. Some because of years of education, training, and experience; others because of faith; and yet others (like the gentlemen on the show) because they’re either missing a few marbles, naivete(sorry, don’t know how to type special characters without a numeric keypad on my laptop), or plain ignorance.
    My closing remarks? Improbable does not mean impossible, but possible does not mean actual. Let’s remember how to distinguish theory from law, fact from fiction, possible from plausible, so we don’t keep creating false paradigms that slow down the progress of true science.

  37. So if girls started waking up with geometric tramp stamps complaining that they have been probed would you be concerned?

  38. I read comments saying tis show is ridiculous and has no basis in fact, but never see anyone say why? Iwould love for someone to explain to me the antykytherian (sp?) device, or how people with copper tools could cut stones that today we need diamond tip tools to cut. Did the stones get harder over the years, or was the copper of a better quality? I am not a scientist or supremely educated, but all I ever hear from the nay sayers is more questions, not any answers ( if they had electricty where are all the wires). This is just sour grapes, granted that some of the content is too over the top, but if you look at a map that was made hundreds of years before a place was supposed to be known and it is nearly precise in every way, how is this explained by these scientists, a lucky guess?

  39. @ snooky: You can’t take everything they say in these shows at face value. Keep in mind that today we use diamond tools wo we can cut things FASTER, not necessarily better. These structures took decades – and sometimes centuries – to build, so you could use simpler tools, it just took a lot longer to do. (you could wear down a stone just by rubbing it long enough. If you need proof, just look at any heavily transited stone steps somewhere, and you’ll notice they are worn down in certain places. Should you need a better example, travel to the Grand Canyon, and see what a little water can do)
    As to the map, just because we have no “official records” does not mean that nobody had traveled through these places before. In fact, when you look at who is credited with dicoveries and/or inventions, many times they were preceded by others who, although they performed the feat first, for one reason or another got beat to the punch in making it “official”.
    Now, to the The Antikythera mechanism: “One hypothesis is that the device was constructed at an academy founded by the ancient Stoic philosopher Posidonius on the Greek island of Rhodes, which at the time was known as a center of astronomy and mechanical engineering, and that perhaps the astronomer Hipparchus was the engineer who designed it since it contains a lunar mechanism which uses Hipparchus’s theory for the motion of the Moon.” [extracted from Wikipedia article)
    I will close by saying that I believe in the possibility of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe, and even in the possibility of being visited by one or more of these alien beings, but to see the hand of aliens in everything around us is preposterous, and detracts from any real scientific investigation of potential cases.

  40. Millions of people worship a God they have never seen every day on this planet but this is excepted by nearly everyone in one religion or other. They read text written by men ages ago and the church decides which text to add to the book to be followed. From my understanding the Bible has many text the church will not allow to be seen again because it’s too ridicules to believe.
    Lets face it, if people were to believe that a Alien and not God set these rules in place the fabric of life as we know it would undo. So it’s easier to believe a God has done all this than a life form from another planet or solar system.
    I personally am Atheist and find that a visitor from elsewhere more believable than a all mighty being. I am not saying I believe this theory, only that it’s easier to swallow. Humans are Lemmings, if the mass believes you must too. The world she’s a flat! If you were to say otherwise you were persecuted, sound familiar?!
    I say believe what you want if it makes you feel good but don’t kick people in the teeth for having a open mind that don’t adhere to your beliefs.
    One more thing, your Government. Would they tell you Aliens are here. Hell no. Excuse me citizens we have Aliens entering our airspace that we as a Nation can do nothing about. Our Military forces can do nothing to stop this. Your safety is in your own hands, do what you must. That’s just a little scary isn’t it.

  41. Like the hollow Earth theory, a big bunch of deluded BULL!
    “THEY” are the NUTS who make conspiracy and UFO theories to sell books. They are deluded NUTJOBS!

  42. Long ago science took a back seat to religion. Scientist that said we were not at the center of the universe were hunted down and BURNED. Today were have the internet and we burn the ideas and new knowlege that comes to us because we want to be the center of everything. That my friends is delusion or vanity take your pick. I do not agree with everthing presented in the show. That being said there are many questions that have scientific need for explanation. Calling someone a nut because it seams impossible to believe. Using an imagination like that would have kept us in the dark ages. Take a journey back 200 years and tell people that we would have ships that travel to the moon. Or the electric light. Go back 50 years and say that we could have a computer that use to fit in the size of small building now sitting in your lap. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Human beings are Increasing Our Knowlege EXPONENTIALY EVERY YEAR!. That means that everything that we know today will be Doubled NEXT Year. That is no theory. That is Fact. If this is where we are at today. Just think what 200 hundred years will bring? If our history was found by some other race later on down the road would we put fiction into stone. Just Think

  43. Some of these are intriguing ideas. But I will continue to doubt the existence of “Ancient Aliens” until some artifacts that could not have possibly been made by humans at that time are found in an old archaeological site. This could be something such as a circuit board or even something as simple as a plastic bottle. If ancient aliens were here they would have left some kind of junk behind.

  44. Well here is one PhD chemist that actually thinks these guy’s are on to something.

    OBVIOULSY they are way off on the hollow moon. What I’m talking about is the origins of religion to aliens.

    I mean it makes more sense to me that aliens came down and played god than what is taught be religions.

    I think they have some wacked out theories, but it has got to obvious to anyone with an intellignece that anciet history as it’s taught is far from complete and completely wrong in some places.

    To those making fun of the laser cutting stong….exactly how do you explain how ancient people cut those stones.

    I’d be will to wager a LARGE sum of money that you coule take 20 PhD’s and 20 Construction workers stick them on an island with nothing bu natural resources and they would all die before any of them figured out an effective way to Cut granite stones….just saying. We do that with Diamond saws today and massive amount so coolant.

    I’m not saying to believe it, cause I don’t know if I do, but to sit back and assume the are wrong without any other evidence is ignorance in it’s purest form. Open your mind and all the truth to be found…these guy’s have a few ideas that I think have as much merit as anything mainstream archealogists are proposing.

  45. …on the subject of ancient aliens and such;
    I too have seen the series on the History Channel, and I must admit, some of the theories are a little hard to swallow.
    That being said, it drives me to do even more research on the subject due to my insatiable need to dig a little deeper when I don’t “know” the answers. For me, (and I speak only for myself here), I am not in the habit of completely discounting any theory or idea until I discover facts that conclusively prove such theory or idea to be junk or at least hugely improbable.
    While I have only a high school education, I have learned that it is crucial to balance a healthy quest for knowledge with a little skepticism along the way. If we don’t question ourselves, we end up living in a world full of dogma and “popular” science.
    To totally turn away from the ideas and possibilties being presented on “Ancient Aliens”, or other similar programs, just because the information seems “wacky”, is also bad science.
    In my opinion, us Earthlings have a lot to learn about just getting along with each other, not to mention the vastness of our Universe, and questions about how we got here and why.
    The “kooky” theories that the “AA” guys are presenting are no “kookier” than some things were before we accepted them as ‘facts’. Whenever I see or hear something that runs totally against what I “know” to be real or plausible, it challenges me to open my mind even wider, so that I won’t miss out on new knowledge. If I need to put some stuff in the ‘junk bin’ for a while, that’s OK. I can get to it later, when I am more receptive to the truth.
    ( I do think the funny hair guy is dead serious, though!)

    Great postings. I have been educated and entertained by this blog. Thanks!

  46. Oh man. Let me just start off by saying how much it pleased me to see all the comments concerning that man’s hair. It’s almost as though it progressively got worse throughout the interview process. However, this does not completely discredit him. I’d say most of his theories do.

    I straddle both sides of the argument here. I completely agree that many of the ideas the show or experts put forward are a tad out there. Some I have trouble even conceiving how they were conceived. Such as the Grwat Pyramid as an ancient power plant or ancient nuclear weapons. Yet other theories are intriguing and plausible. At times they make more sense than “academic” hypothesis. Occam’s razor.

    As for whether we were seeded or created or brought here by another race from above, I’m skeptical. And since we certainly weren’t created by any deity or “true” god, where does that leave us? No one knows. Even if we eventually discover that we WERE brought to this planet by aliens, then how did they come to be?

    I mostly watch the show for the religious examinations. Religions have always seemed impossible and self-contradictory to me. When I was in catholic school as a boy I remember reading of Ezekiel, the famous story of Moses as well as several others and independently drawing the conclusion that these were alien encounters. This was years before I’d become interested and found out that several other people had drawn similar conclusions.

    In closing, I suppose I just don’t understand what anyone has against the show. Every single theory or idea proposed is infinitely more logically and easier to accept than religion. That includes the most outlandish and unorthodox.

  47. Well, all I have to say is at list the History Channel has composed a series that doesn’t involve trucks, ice, axes, hillbilly fishing, or busted men looking for gold. Need I say more?

  48. there are good researchers on there mixed with a few complete idiots and via clever editing and the light hearted approach taken its clearly steering away from the much harder evidence it could be presenting.this is not the fault of good people like bramley,childress,von daniken,quasar etc etc…this is insiduously edited

  49. Einstein didn’t purposely make his hair crazy, the lunatic on the show decided on that ridiculous hair style that’s one reason I can’t take him as a nutjob. I watch the show for the cool ancient places and find myself annoyed at the stretch of plausible reality the speakers come up with. Anyone can see that people of earth future went back in time to screw with the primitives.

  50. It is within the power of our technology, and has been for a few decades, to send guided lasers down from airplanes to make designs using laser printing methods. That is all that’s necessary to explain crop circles. Whoever is doing this has nothing to do with other planets, and everything to do with putting on a show to bemuse the gullible.

  51. i started reading about the Moon a couple of years back and have been fascinated by it ever since. Something we all just take for granted, without questioning, but;
    It is 300 times smaller than the sun
    It is 300 times closer to the Earth
    = Therefore it appears the same size as the Sun (Exactley)
    = This creates solar eclipses. The ‘chances’ of this are unbelievable.
    We only ever see the one side of the Moon. We are locked in a synchronous orbit so the far side never faces Earth. The far side is not dark, in face it gets more daylight than the side we see.
    When NASA conducted experiments when the moon was struck, they round it ‘rung’ for days – like a bell. This showed the interior must have large hollow pockets.
    Since the start of known history, our cultures have all recorded strange lights, mists and movements on our Moon. Even Sir Patrick Moore and others observed what they described as a ‘bridge’ spanning a massive crater some years ago, which then disappeared.
    You only have to Google ‘Moon Coincidences’ to find more strange facts.

  52. Check out Klaus Dona work on youtube. He talks about and show a lot of artifacts, really strange ones. They could be the “junk” that Doubtful (comment 47) ask about..

    Anyway have a cool day people


  53. All this business about alien technology and advanced science leaves me with one major question: If aliens taught us humans, then who taught the aliens?
    I find it rather insulting that we humans are consider so backwards or helpless that we could not have come up with any inventions, such as the pyramids, on our own.

  54. Amazing how people can proclaim their emotional reactions to something as “hard to swallow,” or “far-fetched,” and not realize that they are precisely stating that their prejudices are screaming so loudly they can’t think clearly. It appears that humans always have and always will have a self-centered arrogant POV which masquerades as “scientific thinking.”

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