Home from DAMOP

Some late nights and wireless problems conspired to keep me from posting anything Friday or Saturday, but I was still at the meeting, and saw some cool talks on coherent X-ray production with lasers, opto-mechanics, and ridiculously good atomic clocks, some of which I hope to talk about later. For the moment, I’m just enjoying being home with Kate and SteelyKid and Emmy, so a real wrap-up post with physics content will have to wait a bit.

I will put up a quick note that I’ll be signing books one week from today as part of the Authors Alley program at the World Science Festival. More on that later. For the moment, I have a dog and a toddler who demand some attention.

2 thoughts on “Home from DAMOP

  1. NIF makes coherent x-rays? I wondered if they would get any Star Warrior results out of that machine.

  2. It’s not a NIF thing– these are tabletop laser systems. They’re soft x-rays– just over 500 eV– but generated by fast-pulsed lasers that fit on a normal optical table.

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