Poll: What Is “Outreach”?

I spent this weekend in Baltimore for the summer meeting of the Committee on Informing the Public, held at the Maryland Science Center, which is a really nice science museum. This has left me feeling jet-lagged, a neat trick when I never left the Eastern time zone, but perhaps Saturday’s visit to Pub Dog had something to do with it…

We had a number of discussions about the meaning of the word “Outreach” in a physics context, which is one of those Damon Knight/ Potter Stewart, “I know it when I point at it” kind of terms. I’m interested in what opinions people outside the committee have, though, so here’s a poll for you:

This ought to be a ticky-box poll rather than a radio-button poll (unless I broke something), so check as many items as you like. Whatever else you choose, though, please click the first box so I can properly normalize the results (PollDaddy calculates percentages in a dumb way for multiple-answer polls).