How to Teach Physics to Your Dog in the South

I am in Alabama at the moment, the temporary owner of a ginormous Ford SUV and a hotel room that even I think is a little more air-conditioned than strictly necessary. Which means that it’s time for the How to Teach Physics to Your Dog mini-tour of the Southland. On Wednesday, I’ll be driving to […]

Nobel Prize Betting Pool

It’s that time of year again– the Swedes will be handing out money to famous scientists, with the announcements of who’s getting what starting one week from today. Thus, the traditional Uncertain Principles Nobel Prize Picking Contest: Leave a comment on this post predicting the winner(s) of one of this year’s Nobel Prizes. Anyone who […]

Thursday Toddler Blogging 092310

SteelyKid has been expanding her repertoire of songs lately– it now includes “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “The Alphabet Song” along with “Ring Around the Rosey,” “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”– so for this week’s picture, she decided to get in touch with her inner Bono: Irish shirt, check; […]

How to Teach Physics to Your Dog in the South

One of the things I’ve been stressed about lately is next week, when I’m making a trip to the South, specifically Georgia and Alabama. As I mentioned here earlier, the original inspiration was a get-together with friends from college for the Florida-Alabama football game next Saturday, but it seems a shame to go all that […]

Links for 2010-09-23

Learning the Rules « Easily Distracted “Today, for a zillion complicated reasons, many of them having nothing to do with the academy itself, the discrete knowledge that constitutes meaningful cultural capital within various professional and social worlds is much more fragmented, as are those worlds themselves. […]Sometimes you’ll get this in college, sometimes you’ll get […]

Links for 2010-09-22

Class « The Reality-Based Community “Real class is what the economic aristocracy of our country has almost entirely lost. The American rich are wallowing in a moral slough, grasping for more and more money they have no clue what to do with, and venting their frustration that climbing over each other to new heights of […]

How to Teach Physics to Your Chinese Dog

Got a big box in the mail today, which included author copies of two Asian editions: the Japanese edition, which I had seen before, and this: That is, obviously, the Chinese edition of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog. I say “obviously” mostly because I know that edition was about ready to roll out– […]