12 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Football?

  1. I had to go with the “year-round sport” option since I prefer that kind of football to the American kind. Not to mention that my radio station of choice devotes several hours to pre- and post-game shows (as well as the game itself) instead of playing music when the nearest NFL franchise has a game scheduled. But being outside the range of the relevant reality distortion field, I understand full well that the Cowboys are evil.

  2. I’ve pretty much tapped out my football excitement this year, although I could still watch some premiere league matches.

    Or did you mean “American Rules Rugby Football”? I suppose it’s a substitute for watching grass grow.

  3. What have the Dallas Cowboys got to do with the Six Nations?

    Oh, you mean USAian style football, which is a joust between armoured refrigerators, where the ball (almost) never meets foot.

  4. I was until stupid ass Virginia Tech lost of division IAA James Madison. Now I’m ready to give up on football (college and pro) until next year.

  5. I went with the sports are beneath me option, but am posting to make an exception to that, that exception being hockey. But even then, that’s a symptom of being Canadian, and outside of the Canucks being in the playoffs or Canada at the olympics, even it doesn’t usually attract my attention.

  6. New York GIANTS 31 Carolina Panthers 18

    ‘Nuff said? Looks like Perry Fewell’s coming to NY to run Tommy Coughlin’s defense has paid off handsomely. What’s YOUR favorite team, Chad?

    American Football is our number one pastime. It’s MADE for television, so much so you get more out of watching it on television than being there.

    And the Physics ?! The weird shape “ovoid” ball defies description. The randomness in how it bounces. The force equals mass times acceleration when linemen collide.

    Which reminds me. YOU Chad look like you’d make a great offensive lineman. Did you ever play? People think Quarterbacks and Linebackers are the most intelligent football players, but surprisingly they’re only 3rd and 2nd, respectively. O-Linemen are first.

  7. My answer was the converse to comment #1: I would have voted for “my team stinks,” but as soon as I saw “Cowboys… evil” my mouse clicked on that one of its own accord.

  8. “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.”
    … Joe Theisman

    Click here for 29 more wits and wisdoms of Football like that one. If only we had Yogi Berra!

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