DonorsChoose Reminder: Tuckerize Your Pets, and Program This Blog

I haven’t been flogging the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge as hard this year as in past year, but I do want to post a reminder that the challenge is ongoing. If you donate, the money will go to help deserving school kids; if that’s not enough, it can also earn you cool stuff like:

  • The largest individual donor will get a signed copy of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, and the chance to have their pet appear in the sequel. Want to read about your companion animal moving at relativistic speeds? Make a big donation (current leader is just over $370), and you can get it.
  • Too cash-strapped to buy your way in. Never fear– one randomly selected donor will get the same package: signed book, and an animal in the next book named after your favorite pet. Any size donation qualifies you for a chance in the drawing.
  • Prefer immediate gratification? For a donation of $20, I will write a blog post on a topic you suggest, within 48 hours or receiving the email with the donation receipt. (Limit imposed arbitrarily to force me not to proccrastinate…)

To qualify for any of these offers, just forward the donation confirmation email to the address in the Contact tab at the top of this page. I’m also open to suggestions of monkey dance/ puppet show type “big incentives” should we manage to pass some arbitrary threshold to be determined later– leave suggestions in the comments.

Many thanks to those who have already donated– we’ve already raised more than $1000. If you haven’t contributed yet, and have some spare money, please donate to one of the many science-themed projects seeking funding this year.

One thought on “DonorsChoose Reminder: Tuckerize Your Pets, and Program This Blog

  1. Can you make Sean Carroll dance like a monkey too?

    I’m considering mentioning this to my students and offer to match them, but I doubt they’ll feel inclined to donate to the richest country in the world.

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