DonorsChoose 2010: The Final Days

I haven’t been flogging it as hard as in some past years, but the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge is still going on, though it wraps up on Tuesday. To date, we’ve raised just over $1,300 to support education in needy schools, which is great, and thanks to all those who have donated.

If you haven’t donated yet, and have some cash, there’s still time to win fabulous prizes, including the naming of one of the example animals in the forthcoming sequel to How to Teach Physics to Your Dog after a pet of your choosing. One animal will be named after a pet chosen by the biggest single donor (the current leader is just under $400), and a second after the pet of a donor chosen at random. Both winners will also get a signed copy of the book in the language of their choice (provided they choose English, Portuguese, Chinese, or Japanese, or are willing to wait until I get author copies of one of the others).

To claim one of these prizes, or the right to get one blog post in response to a question of your choice (minimum $20 donation), you need to not only donate, but send me a copy of the confirmation email you receive after donating (use the email address in the Contact tab above).