Dorky Poll: Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving here in the US, so blogging will be light to nonexistent. For the sake of those looking for a quick escape from the chaos of a family gathering, or, you know, those poor benighted souls in other countries for whom this is just another Thursday, here’s a thematically appropriate poll about science:

Have a great holiday/ Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Dorky Poll: Gratitude

  1. BB cosmology: yeah yeah life began with a bang in a ‘love field’.

    Standard Model: soon to be forgotten in light of string theory. Are we really that confident about our geometries?

    QED: this can be fixed, it’ll take a few conferences of about 40 physicists on an island. Start with electrohydrodynamics and vacuum energy e.g.

    Matrix QE: a matrix? Oh that’s just a list in mathematica..

    Schroedinger: nicely probabilistic. Next try probabilistic geometries. After all it was 1954 when M.E Wise gave the first geometric interpretation of a statistical parameter..

    GR: nice Riemann and tensor analysis. Thanks Tullio and Marcel.

    SR: brilliant, thanks Al.

    TOE: does that include superconductivity? wow..

    Internet polls: thank you..

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