Programming Note

Since people have asked about the lack of Thursday Toddler Blogging to this point, here’s an update: We had a bit of a meltdown last night at dinner, which ended with SteelyKid asking to go to bed an hour earlier than usual. This morning, she slept in, and we got a bunch more snow overnight, so there wasn’t time to get any pictures. We’ll get something later tonight, I hope.

If you’re desperate for a cute toddler fix, here’s a rerun:

That was at a Union basketball game a few weeks ago. Sadly, the season is over, so we’ll have to find another venue to drill SteelyKid on her ball-handling skills if we want her to be the female Jimmer Fredette of 2030…

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  1. Thanks for this lunch time fix-

    I went to bed last night knowing I had missed a certain toddler, then wondered if it had been Thursday or not!

    PS: She’s an impressive dribbler.

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