6 thoughts on “Musical Poll: 99 ___?

  1. I prefer my inane pop to be in foreign languages, so that I can sing along without having to think about how stupid the lyrics are.


  2. I was a foreign exchange student in Hamburg when 99 Luftballoons became a hit in Germany. Right about the time I returned home it was fading away there, and gaining popularity in the States. Purgatory.

  3. @KevinQ: Whatever works for you. I have just enough knowledge of German to figure out that “99 Luftballons” is about war, probably of the nuclear variety.

  4. Stephane Grappelli is who’s playing on my Pandora Radio now; Tommy Emmanuel before that . . . .

  5. Hast du es zum zeit fur mir,
    denn singen mich ein lied fur dir…

    I actually saw her in concert (Offenbach Stadthalle). Nothing like 80’s euro pop… Hope about some Kate Bush next? Or Bananarama!

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