Toddler On Wheels

SteelyKid and Kate are down in Boston this weekend, which has given me time to get some work done around the house, and go to some restaurants that they don’t like. It’s left me a little deprived of cute, though. So, as a counter to that, some cute video of SteelyKid riding her “motorcycle” (her […]

What a Drag It Is Getting Old

Today’s blog silence was the result of travel down to and back from New Haven, where I gave a talk at Southern Connecticut State University. Weirdly, this was also a day full of reminders of my own advancing age: — After the talk, I wandered around New Haven a bit, visiting places I used to […]

Links for 2011-04-29

Photonist » Blog Archive » Antihydrogen trapped for 1000 seconds “A new experiment from the ALPHA collaboration, based at CERN, has created and trapped antihydrogen atoms for 1000 seconds, 6000 times longer than their previous attempts which trapped antihydrogen for 172 ms. Having antihydrogen trapped for this period allows the possibility of studying fundamental properties […]

Laptop Recommendations

As previously noted, the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 tablet that I use for my lectures is limping badly these days (it blue-screened this morning, whee). The options for a direct replacement are pretty limited, but in thinking about it a bit, I realized that I hardly use the tablet functions other than to annotate slides during […]

Links for 2011-04-28

TODAYMoms – Want another bedtime story, sweetie? Here’s one: ‘Go the F@#k to Sleep’ “The cats nestle close to their kittens. The lambs have laid down with the sheep. You’re cozy and warm in your bed, my dear Please go the f@#k to sleep.” (tags: kid-stuff books silly sleep)

Academic Poll: Humans vs. Zombies

Union’s edition of the chase-each-other-with-Nerf-guns game Humans vs. Zombies kicks off next week, and has prompted some discussion of whether this is just a harmless way of blowing off steam, or an existential threat to the core mission of academia. While some of this has been vaguely entertaining, it ignores the really important question: Who […]

Hugo Nominations: Meh

The nominees for the 2011 Hugo Awards were released on Sunday, which is the sort of thing I usually blog about here, so you might think it’s just our flaky DSL that’s kept me from saying anything about it. that’s only part of the story, though. I haven’t said anything about them in large part […]

Links for 2011-04-27

The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science As someone who blogs about science and occasionally about politics, I am contractually obligated to link to this article. Fortunately, it’s also good and interesting. (tags: psychology science politics neuroscience climate vaccine culture society cog-sci medicine magazines) The Non-Science That Explains What’s Wrong with Science Explaining Non-Belief […]