Thursday Royalty Blogging 042111

I’m sitting on the couch reading when Emmy trots in looking excited.

“Hey, dude, I’ve got a great idea!” she says cheerily. “You know how your puppy is away for the week?”


“Well, I think this is the perfect opportunity to class up your blog a little. I mean, you always post pictures of her on Thursdays, but she’s not here to take a picture of, so…”

“So… What?”

“Well, you should post some pictures of me, silly!”


“Yeah,” she says. “Just like that. I’m an excellent dog!”

“Yes, you’re the best. The Queen of Niskayuna.” She flops over, and I rub her belly. She’s quiet for a minute, then sits up, looking concerned:


“What’s the matter, girl?”

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but….” she sighs heavily. “I kind of miss the puppy.”

“Yeah, we do, too. But she’shaving a great time with Grandma and Grandpa, and we’re going to pick her up this weekend.”

“It’s just… You know, the place is too quiet with her gone. I mean, I like it that she’s not here to mess with my Kong, or try to pull my tail, but…”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Also, you guys don’t drop nearly enough food on the floor.”

“It always comes back to food, doesn’t it?”

“Dude, I’m a dog.”

“Good point.”

“Anyway, since, you know, we both kind of miss her, and she’s got fans on your blog…”

“You want me to put up a picture of her?”

“Maybe just one, ok?”



(This is SteelyKid vigorously waving around the balloon-animal Tigger we got her at the mall last weekend, from one of those guys who ties balloons into the shapes of animals. Honestly, it’s the craziest thing I ever saw.*)

“Is that better?”

“Yeah, much.” She wags her tail, then moves over to her toys. “Now, I can chew in peace.”


“And, dude? Don’t even think of trying to take my Kong.”

(*- +5 points for the reference.)

3 thoughts on “Thursday Royalty Blogging 042111

  1. featheredfrog: The katana was a Christmas present from my sister several years ago, after I spent a few months working in Japan. It’s a replica, but has a real sharp edge, so it will be cable-tied into the scabbard to prevent SteelyKid from playing samurai.

    -dsr-: Good catch on the Moran reference. And yes, I know about the AI War ebook, and it’s in the queue right now (I have another 500-ish pages of Rothfuss first.

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