Academic Poll: Humans vs. Zombies

Union’s edition of the chase-each-other-with-Nerf-guns game Humans vs. Zombies kicks off next week, and has prompted some discussion of whether this is just a harmless way of blowing off steam, or an existential threat to the core mission of academia. While some of this has been vaguely entertaining, it ignores the really important question:

We’re talking classical movie-type zombies, here, not Schrödinger cats that are alive and dead at the same time, so you can only choose one answer at a time.

6 thoughts on “Academic Poll: Humans vs. Zombies

  1. My vote went to humans, but I feel it necessary to explain, I don’t believe most humans will survive. My vote was just an indication of who I think will be the last man (or zombie) standing.

  2. knowing Union, I totally believe you that there are intense debates among the faculty about this… but, what are the main arguements? I mean if the kids don’t get their homework done, then they lose points. If they do, then what does anyone else care?

  3. It depends if we’re talking about classic Romero zombies or Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake.
    Also, what’s all this having time to spend on things other than school malarkey?

  4. Doing anything new or different is always an existential threat to the core mission of academia, especially if it’s not entirely serious.

  5. i’m niether interested in radio buttons or zombies.
    my choice; humans …

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