Toddler On Wheels

SteelyKid and Kate are down in Boston this weekend, which has given me time to get some work done around the house, and go to some restaurants that they don’t like. It’s left me a little deprived of cute, though. So, as a counter to that, some cute video of SteelyKid riding her “motorcycle” (her term) down the small hill by Grandma and Grandpa’s:

(She can just barely reach the pedals, but can’t use them very effectively, so she just scoots it along with her feet, and picks them up once she gets going. The abrupt stop at the end of this was in order to demand another jellybean from Grandma.)

One thought on “Toddler On Wheels

  1. That is one super-cute kid doing amazing things! It is so much fun watching her growing up and seeing what we have to look forward to as our little girl follows along behind. Wheee!!!!

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