How to Teach Physics to Your Dog On TV

Well, on video over the web, anyway… If you look at the Featured Videos on the National Geographic Channel web page, or, hopefully, in the embedded video below:

You’ll see a short video clip of a program about quantum physics, that includes me and Emmy among the experts on camera. I’m pretty psyched, though I’m not sure what Alan Guth and Lawrence Krauss will think about sharing the bill with my dog…

This is from a show, tentatively titled “Parallel Universes,” which is why I went to Buffalo back in October. Most of the scenes in that clip were shot in the abandoned railway station in Buffalo, because it looks a lot like Grand Central Station.

I have no idea when this is likely to air, but it was fun to do, and it’s very cool to see myself in something that has the format of a pop-science tv show, even if it isn’t on tv yet.

3 thoughts on “How to Teach Physics to Your Dog On TV

  1. 1) Nice.

    2) Krauss looks like he is afraid you will challenge him to some hoops. Seriously, you call that dribbling?

    3) I am seriously disappointed that there weren’t any bunnies made of cheese, or squirrels, in Emmy’s clip.

    4) I need to check who got more face time, you or Emmy.

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