Dog Physics On TV: Set Your DVR

I learned today that the National Georgraphic Channel video I mentioned last week has actually already aired on the network. It was last week’s episode of the series “Naked Science,” titled Living in a Parallel Universe.

I haven’t seen it, obviously, but it’s running again, tomorrow (the 26th), at 4pm (Eastern (US) time). Set your DVR accordingly.

(I’m also very pleased to have learned of the air date via email from Alan Guth…)

One thought on “Dog Physics On TV: Set Your DVR

  1. Tx, I will likely get this off the Internet. First, congrats on your own success, even if I disagree with some of your interpreations (not that anyone really knows what’s going on with this subject!)

    As for other universes, let me repeat some of what I said at the “Die” thread: The MWI idea is silly IMHO. For one issue, just consider the sticky problem of how to get unequal probabilities (unequal amplitudes in starting superposition) from a split into two worlds (always neglected in popular treatments.) Then there’s why we don’t observe them (and no, statistical arguments don’t tell me why the left over “hit” in the other detector isn’t something I can find from e.g. its deposited energy, etc.)

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