Her Father’s Daughter

My parents came up today to go out for dinner for my birthday/ father’s day. On the way home, SteelyKid announced that she wanted to go to a playground. We explained that first we needed to go home and get Emmy, and then we would see about going to a playground. SteelyKid then suggested that we bring Emmy in the car with us to the playground, and I said “Well, we’ll ask Emmy.”

When we got home, I let Emmy outside before SteelyKid came into the back yard. When she saw Emmy was out, she ran right over, calling “Hey, Emmy, you want to go to the playground?”

Then she answered herself, in a passable imitation of my dog voice: “Yes!”

So, I guess we’re going to the playground…

2 thoughts on “Her Father’s Daughter

  1. She’s already figured out how to get what she wants, and she’s funny while doing it. You’re in serious trouble later on, especially when she gets her co-conspirator/brother or sister. LOL

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