Happy Saturday Music

SteelyKid’s third birthday is next week, but we’re going to Kate’s mother’s for the day itself, so we’re having a birthday party today for her and her friends from day care. So, even though all the news is depressing, it’s a day to be happy. So here’s a happy song: (OK, I don’t quite know […]

Fringe Query

I’m going to be talking to someone about treatments of parallel worlds in popular media next week, and as the only going mass media concern with a parallel-worlds plot seems to be the show Fringe, it would be helpful for me to be able to talk sensibly about it. Thus, two questions: 1) Where is […]

Friday Physics Videos

We’re having a birthday party for SteelyKid tomorrow, so I have a ton of stuff to do today. I may have something more substantive later, but for the moment, here are a couple of videos to enjoy. First, from the Minute Physics set of videos at YouTube, an explanation of why you have quantum physics […]

Links for 2011-07-29

Design View / Andy Rutledge – News Redux “Digital news is broken. Actually, news itself is broken. Almost all news organizations have abandoned reporting in favor of editorial; have cultivated reader opinion in place of responsibility; and have traded ethical standards for misdirection and whatever consensus defines as forgivable. And this is before you even […]

How Good Are Polarized Sunglasses?

A while back, I explained how polarized sunglasses work, the short version of which is that light reflected off the ground in front of you tends to be polarized, and by blocking that light, they reduce the effects of glare. This is why fishermen wear polarized sunglasses (they make it easier to see through the […]

Links for 2011-07-28

How to turn the GOP into a party of liberals – War Room – Salon.com “July 28, 2011: Barack Obama announces he’s had second thoughts, now fully endorses Boehner debt ceiling plan, “Cut, Cap and Balance,” and Reid plan. His new bottom line? He’ll accept anything Congress can pass, as long as it isn’t just […]