7 thoughts on “Poll: Incredibly Important Cultural Question

  1. I think the thing that confuses the issue, is that the whole magic-using community is supposed to have an “outcast nerd” relationship with the rest of the world, so by that standard *everybody at Hogwarts* is a nerd (although some are clearly nerdier than others).

    That said, Harry is clearly a jock relative to the background he is in (although he would probably be a nerd in a “muggle” school).

  2. I agree with Tim @4. Mostly. There’s the nerdy magic-users and the aristocratic magic-users.

    Slytherin is pretty much purely aristocrats. Ravenclaw is pretty much purely nerds. Hufflepuff is almost entirely nerds (no aristocrats there) and Gryffendor is mostly aristocrats.

    Harry has aristocratic blood, but because of his up-bringing, ends up having some of the mentality of a nerd. Once he gets a taste of fame, however, he ends up mostly jock.

    Interesting that the two nerdiest characters (Hermione and Snape) end up in the aristocratic houses.

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