It’s a Small World

Two “small world” items, involving people I know turning up unexpectedly, doing well for themselves:

1) As mentioned previously, I’ve been thinking a lot about physics education stuff (even though I have other things I ought to be doing), and reading a lot more education-oriented blogs. I was surprised, though, to find a physics-related post from Dan Meyer, featuring an example from Greg Schwanbeck. Unless there’s a truly amazing name coincidence at work, here, Greg’s a former student, Union Class of 2003, I believe. I knew he was teaching high school in Massachusetts, but it’s nice to see that he’s not just teaching, but doing cool and innovative things with his teaching.

2) Via Eph-Log, who inexplicably don’t actually link to it, the Kansas City Star profiles Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s Chief of Staff, David Kensinger. This is notable because Dave was a good friend of mine when we were both at Williams, though I haven’t talked to him in years. Obviously, we don’t have a whole lot in common politically, but he was always fun to talk to. He clearly hasn’t changed much– hardly at all, based on the photo with the story– and it will be absolutely no surprise to anyone who knew him then to find that he’s a mover and shaker in Kansas politics now.

I have no idea how to parlay these connections into world domination, but if I think of anything, you’ll know soon enough…

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  1. Chad,

    A quick tech note– the post about Kensinger came to us via our aggregation feed from Dick Swart ’56’s “EphblogExile” site (using ATOM10). While aggregation hath its issues, the original article did not link the Kansas City Star article. I’m on a terrible connection ATM, but will add a link if I I have a stable internet connection later in the night.

    As my reply on Eph(b)log indicates, David Kensinger was always a pleasure to encounter, in fact one of my favorite people at Williams, despite our differences in perspective.

    Looking forward to giving him a hard time about those political views, next time I make it to Lawrence.


    Ken Thomas

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