Cute Toddler Story

Those of you who follow me on Twitter/ Facebook have been getting the occasional snippet of cute dialogue from SteelyKid over there. This one’s a little too long for breaking into 140-character blocks, so while I wait for her to come downstairs so we can make pancakes, a cute SteelyKid story:

We play a surprising number of games whose goal is to convince her that I’m an imbecile, one of which is me “misremembering” the lyrics of songs like “The Wheels on the Bus.” One day last week, we had the following exchange (more or less) in the car:

Me: So, the wheels on the bus go up and down, right?

SteelyKid: No, they go round and round.

Me: Oh. So it’s the babies on the bus go up and down?

SteelyKid: No, the babies go waa waa waa.

Me: I thought the babies went swish swish swish?

SteelyKid: No, that’s the wipers.

Me: I thought it was the driver?

SteelyKid: No.

Me: So, what’s the driver do?

SteelyKid (exasperated): Daddy, he drives the bus!

I don’t think she quite understands why Kate and I found that so hilarious.

As a bonus, here’s some video of a laughing SteelyKid:

That laugh probably shows why I’m willing to pretend to be a complete idiot for her amusement.

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