Donors Choose Fundraiser: Double Your Impact

I’ve been too busy to really work on the DonorsChoose fundraiser this year, but it’s worth taking a little time to mention this opportunity: Starting today and running through Saturday midnight, the DonorsChoose board will match donations to the Science Bloggers for Students fundraiser. thus, a $5 donation becomes $10, $10 becomes $20, and, well, you know how to multiply by two.

So, since you’re quick with arithmetic, why not throw a couple of bucks to DonorsChoose, to help the next generation learn to do addition and multiplication, and eventually multivariable calculus? Such as, say, this elementary math teacher in New York, looking for hands-on math demos? Or this one in Sacramento looking for white boards and markers? Or any of the other projects you can get to via my Challenge page, for that matter? the money will go to help kids in need, and for a limited time, it will do even more good than usual.

Thanks for donating. And here, as a reward for listening to me beg for money, is a picture ofSteelyKid making a funny face:


How can you resist that?