Thursday Toddler Blogging 102011

SteelyKid was in an exceptionally happy mood the other night, and so I not only got the silly face shot from the previous post, but also this more traditional Toddler Blogging picture, with Appa, no less:


All together now: Awwwwwww….

Appa, you may or may not recall, has served as our standard length reference for our weekly series of SteelyKid photos. Only not so much with the weekly, for the last little while, and not so much with Appa for a longer while…

We got this one, though, and oh my God, she’s gigantic. This, for reference, is the very first Appa-for-scale picture, from 2008. We haven’t decided yet whether the soon-to-arrive FutureSibling will be photographed using Appa as a reference, or just with SteelyKid, or something else. We’ll figure something out.

Until then, marvel at the hugeness of SteelyKid!

4 Replies to “Thursday Toddler Blogging 102011”

  1. Speaking on behalf of all long-time readers of this blog: Appa is no longer merely a scale or reference. It is now a bona fide unit.

    Rather like the Smoot unit, originally applied only to the Harvard Bridge but now universally recognized. Keep this in mind.

    This unit now needs only a symbol, so you can just type one character instead of spelling out the entire Appa. Of course the honor of selecting the symbol should go to you, so I won’t suggest one.

    For those ignorant of the Smoot:

  2. Nah, Appa is short enough we can use the whole word.

    Then again we do shorten mole, (to mol), so perhaps Ap? Or would that cause confusion with apothecary units?

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