Links for 2011-11-30

Science Experiments for Unimpressed Kids: Surface Tension | Live Granades How to Demonstrate Surface Tension This easy and fun experiment will be sure to captivate absolutely no one. Equipment Glass of water Needle A piece of toilet paper One or more kids who will be unimpressed by your experiment Coilhouse » Blog Archive » Mr. […]

Links for 2011-11-29

“They’ve traded more for cigarettes / than I’ve managed to express”; or, Dives, Lazarus, and Alice “Let us consider a simple economy with three individuals. Alice is a restaurateur; she has fed herself, and has just prepared a delicious turkey dinner, at some cost in materials, fuel, and her time. Dives is a wealthy conceptual […]


This has been an exhausting and exasperating fall, but my classes are done, and my grades are in. And, more importantly, The Pip is out and about, SteelyKid is super excited to be a big sister, and everybody in Chateau Steelypips is healthy and happy. (Well, OK, Emmy’s a little disgruntled that I didn’t drop […]

Monday Pip Blogging: Week 2

SteelyKid’s away at Grandma and Grandpa’s for a few days, to give us a little more time to acclimate to The Pip, which means you get a very traditional baby blogging picture: It’s not the greatest angle for comparing his size to Appa, but you get the idea. The Pip is settling in nicely. His […]

Active Learning Experiment: Nearly the End

As noted in previous posts, I’ve been trying something radically different with this term’s classes, working to minimize the time I spend lecturing, and replace it with in-class discussion and “clicker questions.” I’m typing this while proctoring the final exam for the second of the two classes I’m teaching, so it’s not exactly the end, […]