Glowbug Baby

How awesome is The Pip? So awesome he glows:


OK, that’s really just a phototherapy light because he’s a little jaundiced (SteelyKid had the same thing when she was just born, though I don’t remember the light being brought to the room with her). It makes him look like he glows in the dark, though. Possibly because he acquired superpowers through unwise experiments with comic-book radiation.

All is basically well, here. Both SteelyKid and The Pip have thoroughly charmed all the nurses at the hospital– her through cute chatter and general bounciness, him through eating like a champ and sleeping through just about anything (no doubt at all where his genes come from…). My mom keeps being featured in these because I can’t take pictures of myself with the baby, and SteelyKid doesn’t hold still long enough to photograph. She was very good tonight, though, fetching various items for Kate, and helping give The Pip his supplemental bottle (plus lots of kisses).

Everything is incredibly hectic, of course, but if all goes well Kate and The Pip should come home tomorrow, and that will simplify matters.Until then, I’m going to try to get as much sleep as I can.

4 thoughts on “Glowbug Baby

  1. Aw, man, that’s awesome that they can bring the light into the room. My son was in the nursery for 30 hours straight so he could get the light; we were allowed to take him to a closet in the nursery to feed him, but then he had to go immediately back under the light. It sucked.

  2. Such a cutie!

    It sounds like it won’t be long before you guys are following SteelyKid around and telling her “No, honey, put your brother down, he has to sleep some time!” Bubbazander was ALL about toting Erniebutt around. (Sometimes, he still is. There’s something hilarious about watching your 19 year-old fling his 15 year-old brother over his shoulder and skitter out the door with him.)

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