The Pip comes Home

Actually, The Pip came home last night, but the whole process was too hectic to take any decent pictures, let alone blog about it. We got some quiet time this afternoon, though, when SteelyKid had been packed off to day care, which let me take some good shots of The Pip chillin’ in his crib:


This is the same porta-crib, by the way, that big sister SteelyKid posed in last week, so you can fairly directly compare the two. And, of course, Appa is there as a reference.

It’s probably an illusion, given that he doesn’t exactly have complete control of his movements, but he certainly gave the impression of being interested in the mirror:


He can’t really be looking at himself in the mirror, not least because given the angles, he wouldn’t be able to see himself in the mirror (to say nothing of the fact that his eyes probably don’t focus on much just yet), but I like the way this one turned out.

Medically, all continues more or less as it should. There was some concern that he wasn’t excreting enough, which might’ve brought his jaundice back, but we seem to have maybe turned a corner on that, and I never thought I’d be so glad to change some surprisingly smelly diapers. As is typical of newborns, he tends to be awake just long enough to eat, so calm and alert moments like the ones pictured here are pretty scarce, but they’re fun while they last.