The Pip Discovers the Internet

“Seriously, Daddy, I’m awake for like one hour a day, and you’re going to spend it taking my picture?”


“You’re going to post this on the Internet, aren’t you?”

“Then again… If I play this right, I can use this technology to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”


(Those two shots are taken with my cell phone, while he was propped up on my knees after his afternoon feeding. For reference, here’s a picture of SteelyKid propped up on my knees in more or less the same manner:


(Oh my God, she’s huge!)

2 thoughts on “The Pip Discovers the Internet

  1. The Pip is another cutie! I seem to recall Steelykid had hair at birth also. I produced three female baldies, one known as the Screaming Skull.

  2. Oh, Chad, he is seriously one of the cutest babies in the world!!!!!! And he is so awake! Love the pics!

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