It’s Hard Work Being This Cute

I haven’t sorted out yet how I plan to handle Thursday Toddler Blogging given that the original reason for it being on Thursday was because SteelyKid was born on a Thursday. The Pip, on the other hand, was born on a Monday. Should I do two cute-kid photos a week? Move it to Friday Family Blogging and try to get pictures of both of them? It’s all just so complicated…


… it just wears me out.

We’re almost done with this term from Hell, though– I gave the final exam for one of my two classes this morning, and the other will be on Monday, so I’ll make a final decision next week. In the meantime, though, here’s a cute Family Blogging shot to tide you all over:


SteelyKid’s doing a great job helping, and is super careful when holding/ hugging/ kissing The Pip. I’m dreading the day when that stops being enough, and she expects him to, you know, interact with her, but for now, we’re all enjoying her being a Big Sister.

One thought on “It’s Hard Work Being This Cute

  1. Keep those photos handy. Odds are in twelve or fourteen years you are going to need a reminder of how you got there and how it was. Stay strong.

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