Belated Cute Blogging

Both Monday and Thursday were too hectic this week to get good family pictures. I got this one today, though, that I think is probably worth the wait:


The great thing about taking pictures of really little babies is that they sleep soundly enough for you to futz around changing lenses and apertures and all that sort of thing.

And so SteelyKid doesn’t feel left out, here’s a group shot from last week:


The Pip is a little unhappy in this, but it’s the best of the shots on my camera. I think my parents might’ve gotten a better one on their camera.

Anyway, there’s your weekly dose of cute.

7 thoughts on “Belated Cute Blogging

  1. My daughter is a year old now. Life is so much easier, I am sometimes intimidated by the idea of another newborn. This picture reminds me of the appeal…

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