Thursday Family Picture Blogging

The Pip turned one month old yesterday, so to celebrate, here’s a picture of the whole family:


OK, it’s not a photograph, but look! SteelyKid drew that all by herself! (The labels on the drawing were done by one of her preschool teachers; the printed text was added by me when I obscured the given names of SteelyKid and The Pip.) This one’s going to be on the fridge for a while.

For those who insist on photos, there are a couple below the fold:

First, a traditional Appa-for-scale shot:


(Picture by Kate, with my camera.)

And while it’s hard to take pictures of SteelyKid these days, she really likes taking pictures with her own camera, so I was able to get a decent shot with the “take-pictures-of-each-other-taking-pictures” gambit.


Meanwhile, The Pip says “Man, I can’t wait until I’m big enough to use a camera!”

I feel a little bad that The Pip’s first month has been less extensively documented than SteelyKid’s was, but I take a little comfort in the fact that most of the pictures are better than the early pictures of her…

7 thoughts on “Thursday Family Picture Blogging

  1. our third child said, “Where are the pictures of me?” so the Pip should be delighted he has some. As for his still being in utero, according to his sister, our first born said, often, “I wish I were the only child.” Somebody’s therapist will have a field day.

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