Mandatory Higgs Boson Post

I was planning to let today’s Higgs press conference pass with only a few oblique mentions in posts about other things, but apparently, I would lose my license to blog about physics if I did that. You’d think that, being married to a lawyer, and all, I’d know to read the fine print in these things…

Anyway, I don’t really have anything useful to say about it. My very-much-an-outsider reading of this is that the evidence they see is suggestive, but somewhat less impressive than even the many attempts to lower expectations on Twitter and elsewhere suggested. It’s probably there, but they’re still at least several months away from being able to say anything conclusive.

If you want more detail, your best bet is to look to other bloggers, perhaps even those with relevant expertise. I’m kind of burned out on the whole subject, at this point.

2 thoughts on “Mandatory Higgs Boson Post

  1. since you don’t have anything interesting or useful to say…but you say it anyway
    its 2011; people are way past reading blogs talking about how they don’t ahve anything to say

  2. In the spirit of Pauli’s “There is no God and Dirac is his prophet,” the announcement today really feels like “We haven’t found the Higgs yet and it’s mass is 125 GeV.”

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