Baby Formulae

One of The Pip’s Christmas presents simply demands to be shown off here:


This is a baby blanket knitted by his awesome Aunt Anastasia, with three physics equations on it. They’re subtle, but if you look closely, you can read them: E=mc2, V=IR, and F=ma.

All the other babies will be jealous of his knowledge of physics (once he starts day care in March, anyway). For now, here’s a show of appreciation from the little dude himself:


He’s waving his little fist in the air, saying “Rock on, Aunt ‘Stasia!”

(The actual rocking in this case was being done by big sister SteelyKid:


Check out the spiffy new guitar (“My ‘tar!”), and the unique playing style necessitated by the lack of a real strap…)

In other news, I have a million things to do this week, and need to pack them in before the cold that’s going around flattens me, so this is all the blogging you get for today. But that’s three cool pictures, so you can’t really complain…

2 thoughts on “Baby Formulae

  1. Fabulous blanket, in Eph colors no less. If Aunt Anastasia is on Ravelry, can I request she post the pattern? Happy holidays!

  2. Jorie has a kid guitar with a strap, but she’s left-handed and usually prefers wearing it upside down, and the strap’s attached to a button on the heel such that that is somewhat awkward. If she ever gets serious about learning to play guitar, she’ll have the usual tough decisions to make.

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