Links for 2012-01-31

Quantum Diaries Science is complex. There’s no getting around that. But it’s essential that everyone engage constructively with it. That’s particularly true of the political and business leaders in Davos, whose decisions on science-based subjects can influence everything from the well being of our children to the future of the planet. It’s vital that those […]

Links for 2012-01-30

BOOK REVIEW: How To Teach Relativity To Your Dog By Chad Orzel – Science News It may sound like a strange setup, but the somewhat kooky concept works well for explaining a field of physics that can sound, well, kooky to the uninitiated. Emmy is the stand-in for the everyman (or everydog) who has never […]

It’s a Real Book!

I was going to write something about the politics of scientific publishing, but instead, I want to focus on what’s really important in modern publishing: That’s right, I got a couple of early copies of How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog in the mail this morning. It’s a real book, with pages and everything… […]

Links for 2012-01-26

slacktivist » Mark Driscoll, John Woolman, Zacchaeus and grace That [Quaker abolitionist John] Woolman was so miraculously persuasive suggests to me that he likely wasn’t as monomaniacally focused on a single subject as the old preacher in the story I shared in the previous post. And the more I think about that story and Woolman’s, […]

Baby Blogging Backlog

I’ve been really bad about documenting The Pip’s growth here. The annoying thing is, I’ve actually taken pictures of him over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been too busy to edit and post them. If there’s one thing transcontinental flights are good for, though, it’s providing you with time to do stuff like […]