Baby Blogging Backlog

I’ve been really bad about documenting The Pip’s growth here. The annoying thing is, I’ve actually taken pictures of him over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been too busy to edit and post them. If there’s one thing transcontinental flights are good for, though, it’s providing you with time to do stuff like this. So, here are some photos of The Pip from the last few weeks, starting with one of this first shots of him smiling:


This is a couple of weeks old, already, and he’s much more expressive now. Here’s an Appa-for-scale shot from the same day:


And here’s an Appa-for-scale shot from just a few days ago:


So, there’s a quick look at our fast-growing little dude.

One thought on “Baby Blogging Backlog

  1. He is just too stinkin’ cute!!!! We can’t believe how fast he is growing! Hugs all around from us……….

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