7 thoughts on “Incredibly Serious Sunday Poll

  1. Sorry, SteelyKid, I still hold a grudge against the stripey team from the Seahawks-Steelers Super Bowl a few years ago.

  2. ” If you choose the last option, please arrange to have contacted me in the past to tell me who to have laid a significant bet on so I will have won a large sum of money.”

    Sorry, being all knowing I know that free will is impossible and so I could not have told you who won the super bowl because I already did not. You cannot change what was into what will be. It all just is. Only the illusion of free will makes it seem as if I could have done otherwise.

    Oh screw it bet the pats.

  3. we got free tickets to the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and watched a great performance tonight of “cat on a hot tin roof”
    in the words of Big Daddy “football is crap”

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