How to Teach Physics to Your Polish Dog

I have a Google alert set up to let me know whenever my name or the title of one of my books turns up in one of the sources they index. This is highly imperfect, sometimes missing interesting articles, and often blorting out 57 different pages on which my name appears in a sidebar link. It comes in handy from time to time, though, such as this morning, when it coughed up a whole bunch of pages linking to the Polish edition of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog:


Finally, dogs in the ancestral homeland of my father’s family can learn all about quantum physics. I’m a little surprised to learn that the default dog in Poland is a miniature schnauzer (“Frickin’ schnauzers…” Emmy grumbles), but it’s always nice to see a new edition. I believe we’ve already sold Polish rights to How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog as well, so there’s that to look forward to.

I don’t have physical copies of this yet, but I’ll presumably get at least one at some point. Which means I’ll be all set for Christmas gifts for my aunts and uncles that year…

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