Bonsoir, Baboon

One of SteelyKid’s favorite bedtimes reads is Good Night, Gorilla, which is very short and mostly pictures. We’ve read it about a million times, so to mix things up (and further my goal of convincing her that I’m a blithering idiot), I’ll give it different titles when I hold it up before reading it. She giggles and correct me, and it’s all very heartwarming and cute.

Tonight, I held it up and declared “This is… Konnichiwa, Kangaroo.”

“No, Daddy, it’s Good Night, Gorilla.”

“Oh, my mistake. It’s Bonsoir, Baboon.”

“No, Daddy,” she said, “Bonsoir Baboon is a movie. With a baboon, and the kangaroo is a bad guy, because he has a gun, and a sword, and a hat, and he shoots at the baboon and makes people walk the plank. Because he’s a bad guy.”

I don’t think she understood why it took me a couple minutes to be able to read the story correctly, but it was awesome.

And because youve come to expect it, a cute toddler photo:


She’s been demanding to have her hair in a ponytail lately, which doesn’t work very well, as her hair is very fine and not all that long. She got some little hair clips from her great-grandmother this week, though, which work reasonably well. So, she demanded a ponytail, but wasnt able to see it behind her head. So she asked me to do another one where she could see it, thus the ridiculous topknot. The quality’s not the best because it was a cell phone snapshot, but it’s too silly not to share.

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