Calling London: Teaching Relativity to Your Dog on the Radio

i-f71a4ed1b30ba721a274013a218ef0ce-sidebar_relativity_cover.jpgThe new book is out, which means it’s time for lots of promotional efforts and links to radio shows and news articles and that sort of thing. Such as this one: I’ll be talking about relativity and dog physics tomorrow night, Wednesday the 7th, on the Big Science radio program(me) at 9pm London time (in the frame of reference in which London is at rest, anyway). This’ll be the first radio show for the new book, though I’ve done a few phone interviews for print publications (links as they become available…).

If you’re in London, and have nothing better to do, tune in. (We are, after all, more popular than call girls in London…) Or listen via the Internet. Or don’t. It’s all good.