Dog Physics on the Radio

i-f71a4ed1b30ba721a274013a218ef0ce-sidebar_relativity_cover.jpgI’ve done a bunch of publicity stuff for How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog, some of which frustratingly continue to not appear yet, but one thing from this week has gone live: a podcast interview on the Matt Lewis Show, where I talk about why and how I explain physics to the dog, and a little bit about why relativity is cool.

I continue to struggle a bit with the fact that relativity is a very visual subject– most of the best explanations involve pictures, which aren’t much help in an audio-only medium. I had trouble with this at Boskone, too– when I was doing a reading, it was hard to find a section to read that didn’t involve a lot of diagrams. And I still tend to go on a little too long in my descriptions. It went all right, though, and Lewis gets points for being the first person I’ve talked to about this to get my description of the dog voice as “a sort of Andy Kaufman ‘Foreign Guy’ thing.”

So, if you’ve got 15 minutes to kill, check it out.