The Pip Takes the Conn

Captain’s Log, Stardate 031812
USS BabyPod
Lieutenant Commander The Pip reporting:

Hey, this space pod thing is pretty neat:


Wait, what? You mean I get to be in charge of this. All by myself?


That’s so awesome!!! Woo-hoo!


I can fly it however I want! Look, Ma, no hands!


Whee!!!! This is the most awesome thing ever!


Thanks, big sister Space Commander SteelyKid!

One thought on “The Pip Takes the Conn

  1. For the benefit of anybody who’s wondering about the difference between their ages, but isn’t obsessive enough to punch the timestamps into a date calculator, SteelyKid was about two weeks older than The Pip is now when we took the original Space Commander photos. Though I think she had been introduced to it a few days earlier, and he was in it for the first time today.

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