Thursday Sick Kid Blogging

Last Saturday, at my book signing in Vestal, The Pip spit up a lot, several times, and wouldn’t stop crying. This lasted a few hours, and by the next day, he was more or less back to normal. When I dropped him off at day care on Monday, I mentioned this, and the teachers in his room said “Oh, the stomach bug. Yeah, that’s going around.”

Kate stayed home Monday, feeling wretched, but was back to normal by Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon while picking SteelyKid up I started to feel achy and nauseous, and had a rotten night, but was more or less OK by Wednesday afternoon (which accounts for the lack of blogging yesterday, if you were wondering).

Neither Kate nor I actually threw up, though we both wanted to. SteelyKid? Not so lucky. Let’s just leave it at that.

Since nobody in this house got any sleep last night, and we’ll have a sick kid home today, this is all the blogging you’re going to get. But so as not to be totally depressing, here’s a cute picture from last week:


This is SteelyKid pointing out features on the carrot cake we baked for Grandpa’s birthday, just after we finished frosting it. The whole thing turned out pretty well, though the frosting had about five times as much vanilla extract as it should’ve, because I was an idiot and tried to measure out a teaspoon over the bowl while she was helping me mix it…

And with that, I’m off to try to piece together some sort of plan for the day (wash sheets, go to store to buy Jello and Pedialyte, wash other set of sheets, wash other other set of sheets…). At least we have good reason to believe that this won’t last longer than one day…

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