Musical Poll: Lyrical Crimes

I’m killing time waiting for something I can’t talk about yet, so here’s a silly poll to pass the time, brought to you by a couple of songs served up on the radio this morning while I was running errands:

I thought about including “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight,” but since it’s a deliberate spoof, I don’t think it should count.

12 thoughts on “Musical Poll: Lyrical Crimes

  1. The Scorpions:

    “Take me to the magic of the moment
    On a glory night
    Where the children of tomorrow dream away
    in the wind of change…”

    …always has me awestruck.
    It’s just everything: The deliverance,
    the sheer schlock-factor – pure magic!

  2. There was some crappy frat-rap song in the 90’s – I can’t believe I remember this – Summer Girls by LFO. “I like girls that wear abercrobie and fitch, i take her if i had one wish”

  3. Not English, but by an English speaking band so I’m going to run with it: “uno, dos, tres, catorce!”

  4. I agree with cisko — a TRIPLE NEGATIVE is worthy of recognition. On the other hand, there are all the lyrics to “Dreams of an Everyday Housewife”…

  5. Repetition/reënforcement of prepositions may be non-standard, but hardly a “crime against English grammar”. They’re perfectly grammatical – as is negative concord, cisko – they just happen to belong to a branch of English differing from your personal idiom.

    Shorter me: don’t be crackpot linguists.

  6. “You a stupid hoe, you a you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe, you a you a stupid hoe”

    Repeat ad nauseum

    Also, never google “Nicki Minaj lyrics” and click any links without a popup blocker enabled. Oy.

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