Easter 2012

Today is Easter Sunday, which we celebrated in the manner of my people, by chasing soap bubbles around the backyard:


OK, that’s not an actual tradition, but it was a beautiful day today, and SteelyKid got a big bottle of bubble stuff from her great-grandmother, so it seemed like the right thing to do. So she and Bodie (my parents’ yellow Lab, seen in the above photo) frolicked around the yard until she was so tired that she slept all the way home. Everybody wins with Easter bubbles.

Happy Easter if you’re someone who celebrates it, or at least won’t get into a snit about being wished well for a holiday you don’t observe. If you are inclined to snittage, go chase some bubbles. It’ll do you good.

One thought on “Easter 2012

  1. Bodie looks a little as if he’s worshiping Steelykid. One should be for ever chasing bubbles. ‘s fun, or maybe frustratun’, but not letting go until yer dog-tired and beyond and still doing it with vim is the game. Happy Easter to the tired bunny and the littlun.

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