Necessary Cuteness

We found out yesterday that one of my great-aunts, who recently moved out of a retirement community because she wanted to live by herself, fell and banged her head badly. While she apparently seemed okay at the time, a short while later she collapsed, and is vanishingly unlikely to recover. While it seems weird to say that someone who’s 97 is dying too soon, well, we always assumed she would outlive us all through sheer orneriness, so this is a nasty shock.

Thus, we’re badly in need of some cute around here. Happily, the kids’ day care was closed on Friday for Passover, and my mom came up here to help with them while Kate was at work. So, here are some cute SteelyKid and The Pip pictures:





The last is a fairly traditional Appa-for-scale shot, to be compared to this shot of SteelyKid at the same stage.


He’s got his legs drawn up a bit making him look smaller, but no less cute.

Anyway, there’s your hopefully mood-elevating dose of cuteness for the day. There will most likely be an interruption of blogging at some point in the very near future, but it’s not clear when.

3 thoughts on “Necessary Cuteness

  1. I’m really sorry to read about it.

    Hopefully she didn’t feel a thing. If we are going to be denied the opportunity to say a final goodbye then I would hope one’s passing should be as peaceful as possible.

    Which doesn’t mean I can’t hope for what would otherwise be called a miraculous recovery.

  2. Love, love, love the pictures of your little ones………….our deepest sympathy to all of you at the loss of “Auntie”; she was a lady to the nth degree. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers will be with all of you this week as you celebrate her life and mourn her loss…………….we are all better for having known her even a little. Hugs to you all…………..

  3. I love the superimposition of SteelyTiaraKid with her monster truck behind her.

    You really do have adorable, expressive, engaged, and photogenic children. And possibly take lots and lots and lots of pictures and leave a lot behind =)

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